Winter Classic

Welcome to the 6th Annual Winter Classic Tournament!

For those new to the tournament, please check out the Info and Rules pages.

June 1st  &  July 1st

Coronavirus Update III & IV 

The good news is that Singles tennis was part of Miami's Phase 1 opening and people are playing again - and most seem to be obeying all local & state rules :-)

Singles play was ready to start back up unfortunately, the not so good news is the number of COVID cases has recently increased.

As soon as things settle down again, we will be re-starting the Singles draws. At that time an email will be sent to all the singles draws outlining the current status.  Stay Tuned! 

April 1st  &  May 1st

Coronavirus Update I & II

First off, and most importantly, I hope everyone is doing well during this difficult time of dealing the coronavirus and that you and your families are healthy & safe.  Hopefully we are all following the advice of the experts so that we can minimize the virus' spread.

As we all know the Government has extended the stay-at-home directive until the end of the month and yesterday the Governor also extended the stay-at-home directive for Florida.

So it would appear then that the tournament will not start up again until sometime after that.  As more info becomes available, more info will be sent out.  New Stage 1 and Stage 2 deadlines will be determined once we are closer to getting back underway.

• Stage 1 is complete for the Men's 4.0, 4.5 and 4.5 50+ divisions.  They received their draws before the tournament was put on hold and a couple matches have been played.
• All remaining draws were still in Stage 1.

Hopefully by taking the precautions outlined by the experts we can minimize the spread of the virus and be back on the courts sooner rather than later :-)


Please Be Safe.

Wednesday, March 11th

First Stage 2 draws are out

Wednesday, February 26th

Facilities offering reduced court fees

Thursday, February 20th

Upcoming Deadlines

Sunday, February 2nd

Player Contact Information

Saturday, February 1st

Doubles Draws complete

Friday, January 31st

Singles Draws complete

Thursday, January 30th

Officially Underway!

Wednesday, January 29th


Monday, January 27th

Contact Info and Division Verification Email